Children With Wolf Heads

by Monolithic Cloud Parade

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The debut album from Monolithic Cloud Parade, a mostly solo affair at the time. All songs, with the exception of Airplanes Full of Flames, are Corey Fry.


released September 1, 2009

All songs written and recorded by Corey Fry

Airplanes Full of Flames-
Bass- Lucas Conklin
Drums- Robert
Trumpet- Brandon Isabell
Lead Guitar- Damien Pyles



all rights reserved


Monolithic Cloud Parade Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: All the Things We Used to Be
It can be very frightening, running and then hiding
I’m glad that you’re here with me to keep out the monsters and ghosts
When we made a run for who knew we were going to survive
But all of us are stronger together than god is alive
And did you stop to look back I was too scared of the sun
It rises on the men and exposes our flesh to them

And all the things we used to be were left for who we are

What was the noise up on the pass, where the mountains turn to grass?
We were the guts of that machine at least until it spit us out
Suddenly there was a scream but no bars to keep us in
So like a cancer to a cell we took to the earth and destroyed
And like a river overflows we took it whole

And all the things we used to be were left for who we are
Track Name: We Are Alive We Will Live Forever
Are we dangerous, are we bizarre, growing up in a cage but we traveled so far
At the first sign of freedom we made our escape and the world was reborn and we got our first taste
There wasn’t a path leading into the woods but we tore through the trees and it felt so good
Inside and out of our lungs moved our lives and we took up some space and we were alive

Running and pumping our blood flowing fast never look back again that old life is surpassed
Clawing and clutching and breaking abounds with our tongues in the water and voices all around
It wasn’t a shock to see you as me when the moon lit the creek that we saw through the trees
It seems we’re all one and we’re in this together and now I believe we will live forever
Track Name: Children With Wolf Heads
Children with wolf heads they don’t even know about their wolf heads,
They don’t even know about their wolf heads they don’t even know
Prey is away and sitting in the willows, away and sitting in the willows,
Away and sitting in the willows
She is fat and chained to the trees with an arrow, alone and naked,
Crying out with the sparrows

Tales of new life in death were enchanting
As was their assurance of truth in their ranting
Forgive me father for I have sinned
Now grant me permission to sin again
Forgive me father for I have sinned
Now grant me permission to sin once again

She knows how she got there, knows it's her fault,
Knows it was stupid to believe in the cult
The fault rests on her for believing at all,
When belief exists only to pacify the wrong
She wants no forgiveness for the choices she's made,
She's ready to accept death and end the masquerade
Children with wolf heads, the children with wolf heads, the children with wolf heads,
They don’t even know but they don’t want to go
Track Name: We'd Come Back Again
I really don’t think it’s fair for us to die this way
I really hope when I wake up it will be today
And when all the trees collapse on us and we go to sleep
Pretend it’s a secret place where our secrets will always keep

And if it was up to me we’d come back again
I’d be flying through the leaves you’d be my best friend
Track Name: It'll Be Alright
The Children with wolf heads
Are hiding in a cave
They’re trying to be brave
But nothing is alright
And all around them
They’re looking for the light
They started hearing voices
Saying “Do you want to fight?”
They quivered in the corner
And said “No thank you we’re alright”
“That wasn’t what I asked you,
I said do you want to fight?”

The children with wolf heads have got to learn to fight
The children with wolf head ran out into the night
The children with wolf heads got to run for their life
Now they know there’s worse things than fight

Most of them made it out, made it out alive
They didn’t dare look back, their fear still so bright
Where did my friends go, into the night?
We’re on our own again, but it’ll be alright
Track Name: Airplanes Full of Flames
I saw your face is so strange
Everytime you’re in my dreams you’re dying

When this house was a disease it trapped us in and made us complete
When death is sweet to see it’s not appealingly a friendship decree
With strangeness in your eyes like a field of car wrecks on fire
And airplanes full of flames careening over cliffs just to spell your name

Your skin was a disease you took us in do as we please
Happiness is now our dreams a rocket ship losing all of its wings
Understanding all that is to be you put a candle to your chest
A flaming torch to light the world you only wanted to believe

We didn’t maybe take so long to be the monsters from your dreams
But all along beside your bed we made a point of reckoning
Ourselves against our past desires and our lives along the way
Now every time we breathe we breathe in through our skin so we can feel
The weary weight we poured upon your chest as we emptied out your lungs
And when we tore into your heart it beat and bloodied everyone
And now we finally see in others what ourselves we have become
Track Name: What Big Teeth Pts. I & II
When you came to my front door
When you came and knocked and more
I don’t believe in you, I don’t believe in you
When you knocked on my front door with miracles in store
There’s nothing you can show me that I haven’t seen before

When you came to my front door
When you knocked or maybe more
And you said that you were children lost and how the rain does pour
When you came to my front door brining children lost and more
And you said you’ve got to show me things that I’ve never seen before

Well I have seen so many things in my life but never ones, ones like you
And when the sun arose from bed that morning what a sight for sullen eyes
I saw my days were fading far behind me I gave you life I gave you life
Take it fast, leave no trace or warning they’ll come for you they will get you
When my bones are clean, I’m no longer please let me be and rest in peace

They told her they were hungry and they want to know
Where her body goes when their bodies grow
She trusted them forever but her trust was blind
And she couldn’t bring herself to be wary in kind
Instincts like a knife with a sharpened blade
They knew nothing of the laws our society plays
No slap on the wrist or taken to jail
They don’t believe in their lives cause they’re nothing as well
The only thing true is what their heads say they need
(breathe) a belly full of hunger you can be sure indeed
a constant source of fear might just keep you alive
But don’t venture past the river by the shadows tonight

Cause they didn’t know a friend from an enemy

They smell the blood and it smells so nice
and they ask the gods if it’s tonight
When their bellies fill and their stomachs grow
and their minds expand and they oughtta know
If they’re only creatures and we’re animals
is it wrong to kill when its reasonable
Cause the only law that makes sense to them is to
eat from the plate that is given to them
Track Name: Do Ghosts Dream of Death?
Out in the hills with lantern shining bright /we traveled slowly with a pack into the night
The woods were lit up like a Sunday afternoon/ with shadows dripping from the lonely autumn moon
Our guts were full of spirits we could not contain/ our lungs were bathing empty pockets in the rain
We came across some tracks that led beyond the shore/ What barefoot devils travel wildly by the score?

Do you think its true that we will never die, or we just kind of float away?
Or do you think we go up there or way below and simmer for eternity?
We live, the others died- where is the other side?- you and me we must be on our way…

Illuminating things so strangely through the trees/ Deception lingers where some monster used to be
Some blood was found and beating fast we followed through/ convinced ourselves that there was only one or two
Our breath was short and now our bodies tense and fine/ we loaded rifles, tried to shake off all the wine
When thunder crashed we ducked and huddled in the rain/ orange flashing lights lit up deceptively again


So in our path a nightmare howling at the moon/ wild death a cunning sort do you need us so soon?
Their bodies small and frail but heads of demon cast/ these children devils time has surely come to pass
With god in hand and blood exploding all around/ so goes the devil back to hell they will be found
We cut off all the heads arranged in shallow grave/ damned evil wolf heads will never linger on this way

Track Name: Free to Fear (Goodbye, Children With Wolf Heads)
If you are ever going to learn to survive out here alone
You’re going to have to learn to get along
There are creatures and beasts that want to do you harm
Just don’t forget that you’re one of them

In the nighttime you’re scared of things you cannot see
But do you think that they may feel the same
If you close your eyes and make a wish
Don’t wish for things that you’ve been before

Remember when you were young and it wasn’t that fun and you had it in a cage
Remember how you and me were hunting too and we found ourselves
Looking back on a mirror in a river in a creek in the nighttime and we tried not to hide ourselves from a mirror in the river in a creek in the night time
Oh a mirror in the river in a creek in the night time

And now that we’re free
Fear has become you and me